Study Toowoomba, representing a consortium of educational institutions and stakeholders in the Toowoomba region, proudly welcomed 13 international education agents on Monday night. Peter Homan, Chair of Study Toowoomba, expressed his pleasure in extending a warm welcome to the delegates and highlighted the significance of the event in forging valuable business relationships and future opportunities.

Homan remarked, “It was a great pleasure to welcome the 13 international education agents into Toowoomba on behalf of Study Toowoomba. The night forged a lot of good business relationships and contacts for the future and was a chance for Toowoomba to show off some of its great educational assets.”

With a world-class university, TAFE, and over 50 primary and secondary schools, Toowoomba is well-positioned as a leading education provider on the global stage.

Study Toowoomba, in collaboration with local educational institutions, orchestrated an itinerary for the visiting international education agents. The itinerary provided a holistic view of Toowoomba’s educational landscape and included visits to Centenary Heights State High School, University of Southern Queensland (UniSQ), Toowoomba Grammar School (TGS), and Concordia College. Delegates were treated to immersive experiences, including tours of educational facilities and meetings with key personnel.

Mayor Geoff McDonald, accompanied by Councillors Trevor Manteufel and Melissa Taylor, attended the welcome reception held at George Banks Rooftop. George Banks Rooftop offered a stunning panoramic view of Toowoomba’s illuminated cityscape. As a gesture of warm hospitality, they presented the guests with the Toowoomba Violet lapel pin, an emblem cherished for its significance to the city. The gesture was met with heartfelt appreciation from all in attendance.

Peter Homan expressed his satisfaction with the itinerary: “This itinerary provided our international education agents with a holistic view of Toowoomba’s educational landscape. We believe these experiences will greatly contribute to forging stronger partnerships and attracting more students to our city.”

In 2022, the Toowoomba International Education and Training (IET) sector supported 457 full-time equivalent (FTE) employments, generating $97 million in export revenue and contributing $87.1 million in gross value added to the Toowoomba economy. These figures, sourced from the International Education & Training Snapshot Toowoomba 2022 published by TIQ and SQ in September 2023, underscore the significant economic impact of the IET sector in Toowoomba. Source: international education & training snapshot Toowoomba 2022 published by TIQ and SQ September 2023

Study Toowoomba continues its strategic mission to support members to achieve exceptional outcomes for international students through promotion, growth, connection, and advocacy, guided by our motto: Study, Work, Live.