Past Ambassador Stories


of Past Toowoomba Ambassador Students

Nils Preisler (Switzerland)

Bachelor of Science, University of Southern Queensland, Previous Student Ambassador for Study Toowoomba

I grew up in Switzerland, and after finishing high school, completed a three-year apprenticeship as a food technologist. I was fortunate enough to be able to keep working with this company for two more years as a product developer in the research and development team, while also pursuing higher education. After a while though, I was keen to expand my horizons in the food industry and improve my employability – so I searched for universities that offered a degree in food science. UniSQ seemed right for me, so I applied, moved to Toowoomba in 2020, and have been living, studying and working here since then.

I think Toowoomba is the perfect size city to live and work in. There are lots of things to do, different people around, and nature is always just a short drive away. It is large enough and close enough to the eastern seaboard to feel as though you aren’t living in the Outback, and the ocean is an easy day trip. I also enjoy not having to worry about unreasonably high rent prices, parking challenges, or the “busyness” that is often part of living in the city. This lifestyle is reflected on the nature of the study courses on offer as well – lectures are more personable, course content is more job applicable, and industry partners in the region are happy to offer placements that complement the study.

Eventually, I would like to work as a product developer in the food industry. This role would be varied and creative, but also challenging. I believe my current studies are helping me achieve this by broadening my horizons, offering more technical knowledge and connecting me to networks across the industry.

As a Study Toowoomba Ambassador, I am looking forward to exploring the region in greater depth and seeing what else is on offer. I feel sure that in the years I have been here, I have really only just scratched the surface!

Michaela Brown (South Africa)

Bachelor of Education, University of Southern Queensland, Previous Student Ambassador for Study Toowoomba

I was born in South Africa, but my family moved to Australia in 2012 – firstly to Perth, and then to Toowoomba. I am currently studying at UniSQ to become a secondary school teacher.

Having lived in two vastly different Australian cities in recent years, I can honestly say that Toowoomba is my favourite. It has a close and supportive community, peaceful surroundings, study and work opportunities – and the nightlife and entertainment facilities that people my age enjoy. These factors help me maintain a great work/life balance, which benefits my studies.

After studying for long hours, I like to unwind in one of the many parks across the city or expend some energy on the hiking trails. Toowoomba also has many employment opportunities for university or TAFE graduates, so I can enjoy everything the city has to offer while knowing my future is secure.

My future is strongly grounded in fulfilling a number of personal dreams and aspirations. First and foremost, I want to be an inspirational teacher who helps her students have bright futures while encouraging them to be the very best they can be in all their endeavours. UniSQ is helping me realise this dream by equipping me with the skills, knowledge and practice needed to teach and guide students with confidence.

Workplace opportunities offered by the University at schools in and around Toowoomba have already given me invaluable experience. As a result, I have built greater career confidence, developed my practical skills, and learned more about this wonderful city.

As a Study Toowoomba Ambassador, I’m looking forward to sharing just how wonderful this region is to students like me. I am certain that others will be excited to explore this part of Southern Queensland which has so much to offer.

Jay Opperman (South Africa)

Bachelor of Science, University of Southern Queensland, Previous Student Ambassador for Study Toowoomba

I am from the Mpumalanga area of South Africa and grew up in the small town of Secunda. I’m now living permanently in Toowoomba and doing my tertiary studies at UniSQ.

Toowoomba is a great place to live and study. It’s not a big city like Brisbane where you have to deal with long commute times, but it’s also not a small regional town with few opportunities. This is a city with the perfect balance between lifestyle and ample career opportunities.

One very appealing attribute of Toowoomba is the cost of living here. I’ve found living costs are much lower than in other cities, which is great as it allows me to concentrate on my studies instead of worrying about my finances!

As part of my science degree, I am majoring in Applied Mathematics and Computing. I hope to become a machine learning specialist when I graduate. I believe my studies are helping me achieve this goal by providing a solid groundwork for future studies and opportunities for finding employment in my chosen industry.

As an ambassador for Study Toowoomba, I am most looking forward to sharing this region with other international students by participating in the many fun and exciting activities. The role will also help me to learn more about the Toowoomba area and the industries that call this region home.