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Toowoomba is known as the “Garden City” because of its 150 public parks. It also features beautiful heritage buildings, cosy laneways, spectacular look-outs and fabulous dining.

For more information on upcoming events in the Toowoomba region, visit the Southern Queensland Country website.


Toowoomba isn’t just the state’s largest inland city—it’s a fusion of rustic allure and urban sophistication. With its unique blend of country warmth and a growing coffee and street art culture, Toowoomba truly stands out. Known affectionately as the Garden City, it boasts an impressive array of parks, gardens, and a radiant annual showcase: the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. This month-long celebration every September transforms the city into a kaleidoscope of colours, celebrating the onset of Spring in grand style. Whether wandering through sun-kissed sunflower farms, exploring its bustling country towns, eating your way through the annual “Treats Menu” or getting lost amidst the colourful flora during the Carnival, Toowoomba promises unforgettable experiences. 

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Getting around in Toowoomba

Just about everything you could need is only ten or 15 minutes away by car. Toowoomba is located 1.5 hours from Brisbane, 2 hours from the Gold Coast and 3 hours from the Sunshine Coast

We have a reliable network of taxis and rideshare services

There are many bicycle lanes around the city

Toowoomba has a regular bus service around the city and suburbs. There are also regular services from Toowoomba to Brisbane each day

Toowoomba Wellcamp Airport has regular services to Cairns, Sydney and Melbourne