Working in Toowoomba

Toowooba not only offers world-class education but also abundant opportunities to work, live, and thrive.

With a diverse job market and opportunities across various sectors discover the key industries driving the local economy and uncover potential career paths. 

Where to Work

Toowoomba boasts a diverse job market with opportunities across various sectors. Discover the key industries driving the local economy and uncover potential employers in your field of interest.


How to Work

Navigating the Australian job market can be an exciting adventure. Learn about crafting a compelling resume, acing job interviews, and networking effectively to land your dream job.


Work with Visa

Understanding the right visa options is essential for international students seeking employment in Australia.


Get a Tax File Number

Before you start earning in Toowoomba, you’ll need a Tax File Number (TFN).  Find out how to obtain this essential document to ensure your employment is smooth and compliant with Australian tax laws.


Make your journey to working in Toowoomba a successful one.

Study Toowoomba is your key to unlocking exciting job opportunities in the city. “Working in Toowoomba” provides insights into where students can find work, be it in growing industries or with potential employers. Learn how to navigate the Australian job market with resources tailored to student needs.

Find out more on student visas to ensure you’re well-prepared to pursue employment legally, and discover how to obtain your Tax File Number (TFN) for seamless income management during your studies in Toowoomba.

Toowoomba is not just a place to study; it’s a place to build your future! 

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