Welcoming Study Toowoomba Ambassadors: A Diverse Team of Global Scholars

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In a warm and welcoming ceremony at UniSQ, Toowoomba embraced its new Student Ambassadors for the Study Toowoomba Program.


This group of seven bright young minds hailing from diverse corners of the world have embarked on a unique journey in pursuit of their academic dreams. Having already commenced their studies in Toowoomba, they have wholeheartedly endorsed this city as an ideal destination for both education and living.
Their mission: is to share their experiences and provide unwavering support to fellow students venturing into the world of academics.

The Study Toowoomba Program, an educational hub supporting international students across UniSQ, TAFE, and various secondary schools in Toowoomba, has, over time, gained strength and recognition. Councillor Nancy Sommerfield, Chair of the Board, expressed her immense pleasure in welcoming this team of Ambassadors into the program, acknowledging the pivotal role education plays in Toowoomba’s infrastructure and international reputation. The Toowoomba Regional Council has shown strong support for this initiative, aiming to ensure its enduring contribution to the city’s global standing.

Councillor Sommerfield commended the Ambassadors for their innovative ideas and their willingness to invigorate the program’s presence across social media and in the wider community and business sectors. These students have done their homework thoroughly, exploring the pros and cons of various potential study destinations. Their decision to choose Toowoomba as their educational home stems from various factors, including the course offerings, the city’s livability, transportation, social and spiritual amenities, the picturesque landscape, and opportunities for pursuing their interests and hobbies. Toowoomba, it seems, came out on top in all these aspects.

The Ambassadors are effusive in their praise for Toowoomba, citing the warmth of its residents, the collaborative spirit among fellow students and organizations, and the exceptional quality of the courses and opportunities on offer. The city’s safe environment and its multicultural community have also left a lasting impression. The Ambassadors are eager to partake in the vibrant festivals and enjoy the serene parks and gardens that make Toowoomba unique.

These young scholars are committed to sharing their experiences and supporting new international students, both through various events and community engagement. They bring with them a zest for life and a wealth of cultural diversity, enriching the educational landscape of Toowoomba.


Learn more about the Toowoomba Student Ambassador Program and its dedicated Ambassadors Here


Study Toowoomba Ambassadors and Board Representatives*

group of international ambassador students - Study Toowoomba

(Image: Left to Right)

Laureen Rautenbach, UniSQ
Kym Schultz, Study Toowoomba
Hasara Silva, Sri Lanka
Suved Gadtoula, Nepal
Ushan Gunawardhana, Sri Lanka
Abantu Harry, Botswana
Brahmani Jain, India
Shrinkhala Maharjan, Nepal
Nancy Sommerfield, Chair, Study Toowoomba

**Board Representatives:**
– Councillor Nancy Sommerfield – Chair of the Board

In welcoming these global scholars, Toowoomba continues its tradition of being an inclusive and diverse educational hub. These Ambassadors bring their unique experiences and a global perspective to the city, and we can’t wait to see how they contribute to our vibrant academic community.