The Armitage Centre came alive to the sights and sounds of colour, music, graceful dancers and the appreciation of the very lucky audience on Saturday evening. Members of many community cultural organisations who came to the Empire Theatre Precinct were eager to see the wonderful performances of the @Hridayam School of Dance.


Their anticipation was well-rewarded when many ages and groups in their colourful traditional costumes lit up the stage. Under the guidance, support and patience of @Amutha Kandasamy, the versatility and strengths of the students of the traditional and contemporary Indian dance styles were


traditional dance


Amongst the audience were Mayor Geoff McDonald and Mrs Lisa McDonald, Councillors Bill Cahill and Melissa Taylor, and three of the Study Toowoomba student ambassadors from UniSQ. Ushan Gunawardhana, Harisa Silva and Shrinkhala Maharjan enjoyed an evening away from their studies and work placements. They were accompanied by Study Toowoomba team member Kim Cahill and her wide-eyed grand daughter, Violet Bruggmann.

As international students studying in Toowoomba in the fields of engineering and nursing, they are embracing the positive cultural offerings of their temporary home. They also were able to meet the Cambodian Suong/Thlangrathpisey family who are keen to find work and settle into the community as well.




What a wonderful evening of music, dance, interpretation, and colour for everyone. Life in the Garden City certainly turns on its best when so many multi-faith cultural organisations come together in harmony. The Hridayam School of Dance also performs at community events such as Harmony Day, the Carnival of Flowers and the International Street Fiesta. So if you missed the concert you can still be dazzled by this beautiful display of grace and discipline at one of the next events.