Concordia builds new cultural bridge with students from PNG, Japan, and Thailand

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Covid-enforced border closures seriously impacted the pipeline of students into schools like Toowoomba’s Concordia Lutheran College.

Three years after borders began to reopen and Concordia is starting to rebuild its roster of international students with four new long-term students from Papua New Guinea (PNG) this year.

It is also bolstering its credentials as a regional alternative for international education with the anticipated arrival of three study tours comprising at least 80 students from Japan and Thailand.

Concordia’s Director of Marketing and Enrolments Belinda Sanders said the college is a sought-after location, providing a world-class education, and fostering a vibrant diverse community under its 2024 college theme ‘Achieve the Possibilities.’

“In what can be seen as a testament to our global appeal, Concordia continues to attract international students who are eager to experience life in a regional Australian setting, yet still gaining a top-class education,” Ms Sanders said.

“The college’s unique approach featuring a deliberately small boutique home-style boarding house is a key factor in this,” she said.

“The setting offers a nurturing, family atmosphere. It’s the embodiment of the college’s ‘Perfect Fit’ philosophy offering students a slice of authentic Australian life.”

Concordia’s home-style boarding house experience plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process of international students and their parents.

“The structure allows students to fully integrate into the day-to-day life of Australia, picking up nuances of the culture that can only be learned through living rather than observing,” she said.

“The boarding house is a place where international students are not just residing; they’re engaging, learning and growing alongside their peers.

“It’s a supportive, family-oriented environment where students from all backgrounds share experiences and form close-knit relationships, embodying the spirit of the ‘Perfect Fit’ for each and every child.

‘The ‘Perfect Fit’ philosophy allows the staff to work on an individual level to ensure a positive atmosphere that meets individual needs in this close-knit atmosphere allowing every student to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially.”

Concordia’s inclusive educational approach is designed to unlock each student’s potential, encouraging them to explore and develop their individual talents and interests because learning is at the heart of everything we do.

There are many opportunities to explore such as the agricultural program, social activities, design, robotics, drama and art. Students are also contributing to Concordia’s growing success on the sporting fields.

Concordia Lutheran College is anticipating continue grown in the international boarding sector, with a renewed focus on Hong Kong on 2024/2025.

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