How easy is it to employ international students? 

As easy as this:- 

  1. Become familiar with the student visa rules 
  2. Burst the Myth Bubble 
  3. Use the Toowoomba Chamber Cultural Handbook as your guide 

International students studying in Australia 

. On a valid student visa can work up to 20 hours per week while school is in session and unlimited hours during vacations
. Courses must have begun before international students can commence work
. If an international student works beyond the 20 hours per week (including volunteer and unpaid work) the visa may be cancelled
. Since 2018, permission to work is received along with the student visa
. Students must fulfill all requirements of their enrolled government-approved course 

Burst the Myth Bubble 

. International students need to be sponsored. This is not the case.
. That their availability is limited. As well as the 20 hours per week during their course of study, post graduate students can work from 2-6 years on a Post-Study Work Visa. What a bonus fir employers when they find a perfect match for their needs.
. That language will be limited. International students studying at higher institutions have a very high standard of English and are eager to advance this through community networking as well as employment.
. That they may be overqualified. Gaining employment in industries unrelated to their fields of study is often true for many students whose qualifications are in narrow, specialised areas, however, international students are humble, respectful and very grateful to find employment in any area to support their living costs. They will provide a positive energy and loyalty to any position.
Using the Cultural Handbook produced by the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce as your guide. The Chamber had compiled a one-stop shop of online resources to support your business success.

Take the first step towards employing international students in the Toowoomba Region by contacting Study Toowoomba, meeting the Student Ambassadors at community networking events and embracing a positive win-win situation.