International Students at Centenary Heights State High School 

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During the final week of Term 1, our school warmly welcomed 25 students from Seijo Boys’ College in Tokyo, Japan. We paired them with 25 senior students who served as their buddies, guiding them around campus during breaks and accompanying them to afternoon classes.

Our seniors showcased a great level of responsibility and enthusiasm for cultural exchange. The buddies did a wonderful job of caring for the Japanese students, offering them a unique insight into Australian culture and our educational system. We extend our gratitude to the classroom teachers who graciously accommodated the Japanese students during their three-day visit last term.

On Tuesday Week 10 in Term 1, our ISP program organized a trip to Surfers Paradise, Queensland’s most popular beach. Queensland lifeguards conducted a beach program, introducing students the beach safety knowledge and allowing them to enjoy the waves. Despite the wet and windy weather, our students eagerly took off their rain ponchos and rushed into the water. Ariel and Gabriel from Brazil, along with the Vietnamese students, even had impromptu races from the sandy shore to the ocean. For Ariel, it was his first encounter with the ocean. Though the water appeared grey on that rainy day, the joyful memories of Queensland’s beaches will forever be painted in bright blue hues in their hearts.

We extend our sincere appreciation to Study Toowoomba for their generous donation to support our efforts in organising enriching excursions for our international students. Our school’s international students are fortunate to have dedicated and patient teachers, effective and compassionate administrators in our school, as well as external support from Study Toowoomba, enhancing their Australian experience.

On Sunday 24 March, our Vietnamese students and I were invited by Study Toowoomba to attend a Vietnamese community morning tea at Junktion Coffee House, which three of our Vietnamese students attended. They enjoyed the morning tea and valued the opportunity to gain social and communication skills.

On the final day of Term 2 I accompanied four senior international students to the AUG Education Expo in Brisbane. Approximately 20 tertiary education institutions were represented, providing students with opportunities to explore their future options. The students actively engaged with university representatives enquiring about their future options; it was a valuable experience for them. The opportunity was fully sponsored by AUG student services including transportation and a lunch meal in a popular Brisbane restaurant chosen by our students.  

During the second week of Term 2, we hosted a group of agents for a school tour, led by two of our international students, Wenqing and Peng Cheng. The agents were impressed by the friendly teachers and the respectful behaviour of our students. At the tour’s conclusion, they applauded the students and dubbed our school a “hidden gem” in Australia. This visit also allow myself to develop friendships with some agents, ensuring continued communication in the future. Once again, we express our gratitude to Study Toowoomba for their role in inviting and facilitating the agents’ visit, enabling our school’s positive reputation to reach global audiences.

Last but not the least, we would like to thank the homestay parents for taking care of our students so well. The students are so lucky to be hosted by your guys. Without the support from you guys, we won’t run the program so well.  

Yao Wu

International Student Coordinator

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