Hom Poudel’s Story

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Hom hails from Nepal and belongs to a middle-class family. Both of his parents attained a high school education. The middle child of three siblings, Hom’s elder brother resides in Nepal with his wife, children, and our father, while his younger sister and her husband along with their two children live in Toowoomba.

Hom’s hometown in Nepal is Bharatpur, a city renowned for its education, economic prosperity, and natural beauty. Nestled within its bounds lies a world heritage-listed National Park, situated on the southern outskirts. This park is globally acclaimed for its Jungle Safari experiences, offering sightings of the majestic one-horned Rhino, a plethora of fauna including deer, wild pigs, and various bird species amidst its dense forests. Bharatpur’s  rich culture and heritage, adds to its allure and charm.

At first, Hom’s decision to come to Toowoomba was solely influenced by the presence of his uncle and his family, as he had secured a position at UniSQ following his PhD studies there. However, upon immersing himself in life and academics in Toowoomba, he developed a deep affection for this picturesque city. Its cleanliness, tranquillity, and lush greenery, create a serene environment. The locals are notably friendly and accommodating, contributing to the city’s welcoming atmosphere. Moreover, the supportive community within the university further enhanced his appreciation for Toowoomba.

Pursuing a Master of Professional Accounting at UniSQ to complement his Bachelor of Business Studies obtained in Nepal, his goal was to attain an international degree that aligned with his career aspirations.

Throughout his studies, he cultivated a great network within both the university community and the broader Toowoomba community. Upon completing his studies, he quickly secured an opportunity to work within the university. However, leveraging his strong connections within the business community, he also explored entrepreneurial ventures and eventually launched his own business in Brisbane. Over time, these business ventures expanded to encompass a diverse range of business activities, with a primary focus on International Education, particularly in recruitment and visa services.

In Hom’s opinion Toowoomba is truly a remarkable place to study, reside, and pursue employment. The city boasts excellent infrastructure to cater efficiently to diverse needs. Both the University and TAFE are equipped with top-notch facilities and staffed by knowledgeable and amiable academics and administrators. One of the city’s notable advantages is the convenience it offers, as one does not have to endure lengthy commutes to reach institutions, workplaces, shopping centres, hospitals et al.

What truly captivates many about Toowoomba, however, is its breathtaking natural beauty. The abundance of fresh air and the enchanting gardens of this city never fail to enchant.

Hom’s wholeheartedly advocates for students considering Australia as their study destination to explore regional areas like Toowoomba. Here, you not only immerse yourself in authentic Australian society but also glean invaluable insights into Australian life.

With unwavering confidence, he shares his personal journey with fellow residents of his hometown, illustrating the unparalleled experience and boundless opportunities awaiting those who venture to Australia. He sees an educational journey that encapsulates the essence of Australian living opens doors to endless possibilities.

Hom now proudly calls Australia home. Initially, when he embarked on his journey to study in Australia, he never envisioned staying permanently. “However, as time unfolded, I found myself falling deeply in love with this captivating country and its people, compelling me to make it my permanent abode.”

While he didn’t encounter significant hurdles, the greatest challenge he faced was the pangs of homesickness, yearning for the warmth of family and friends back home. “At times, I even questioned my decision to be in this strange land, forcing a return to my country. Yet, with the unwavering support of my wife, who stood by me through thick and thin, I found the strength to navigate through these emotions and stay focused on my studies and career. Together, we embarked on a journey to explore the wonders that this beautiful country had to offer, prompting me to seek out the necessary information regarding residency and citizenship, thus simplifying the process.”

Australia has not only provided Hom with knowledge, skills, and experiences but has also afforded him the opportunity to discover his own strengths and limitations, enabling him to pursue his dreams and aspirations soaring on the wings of his family and his motherland.

“The four years I spent in Toowoomba were undeniably the most enriching and transformative period of my life. During this time, I gained invaluable strength through education, accumulated diverse experiences, and forged meaningful connections through networking. Indeed, these four years were pivotal, marking a significant turning point that profoundly shaped my life’s trajectory.  Our son proudly claims Toowoomba as his birthplace.”

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