Cozy Corners of Toowoomba

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cozy toowoomba



Toowoomba is a landlocked city in the eastern part of Queensland. It is one of the places where nature meets innovation. Due to large student population, there have been developments and many venues are available for people to call their cozy corners.


As a student, it is very necessary for me to relax and rejuvenate due to constant stress of studies, assessments and work. Hence, I find that relaxation in visiting nearby places and either by getting some fresh air, dining at my favourite restaurants, visiting various shops or by simply taking a stroll in the University.


cozy garden and plaza


My favourite way to relax in Toowoomba is visiting gardens and spending some time within nature’s bliss. If I do not have enough time due to some commitments, I like to visit the Japanese Garden which is nearby within the campus. The beautiful waterfalls and stream within the garden which is sure to mesmerize any visitor. On the other side, if I do have enough time, I like to get on the bus and visit either Queens Park or Laurel Bank Park and sit down to enjoy a sunset with my friends. Whenever I am tight on time, I take a quick stroll through the University. Since I live on campus, it is convenient as well as relaxing. It makes my mind relaxed and helps me focus better later at tasks that I have to undertake.


cozy view and restaurant


Besides that, another way of relaxation for me is visiting various restaurants and having my comfort food. Toowoomba has a variety and diverse food culture. Food from various parts of the worlds is available in its most authentic form. Food ranging from Japanese, Korean, Indian cuisine to local street food is available at easy convenience throughout the city. There are various food courts available throughout most of the shopping centres as well as various food outlets. Visiting restaurants and eating out is an excellent method of relaxing for me as it gives me a break from cooking as well as gives me a chance to try various foods from all over the world.


Lastly, another method of relaxation for me is visiting shopping centres and either buying all necessary items like groceries or just window shopping. The best location for this is none other than Grand Central. The excellent city centre location provides easy connection from every place and is a hub for shoppers due to its variety of shops and an excellent food selection.


Hence, it can be said that Toowoomba has many places for me to relax and visiting those places helps me boost my concentration after the relaxation.

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