Amutha Kandasamy 2


Sri Lanka born Amutha Kandasamy arrived in Australia when she was four years old. Her rhythm and love of dance has thrived partly through her cultural heritage kept strong in the family and partly because of the love of music and dance that has been cultivated here in Toowoomba.


India’s oldest dance form, the exquisite Bharatanatyam, is over 2,000 years old and offers a spell-binding look at history in motion. It is very significant to the Tamil Nadu of southern India, and can be traced back to the ancient treatise on theatre written by the mystic priest Bharata. With its four distinct styles, the dances were originally temple dances for women, but often used to express Hindu religious stories and devotions.


As well as this historic art form, the Hridayam School of Dance here in our beautiful garden city also teaches contemporary Indian dance. Toowoomba has been treated to this vibrant group at community events such as the International Street Fiesta and Harmony Day and a community concert over a number of years, and now the Dance School is taking its talent to a wider audience.


In close partnership with the Pure Land Learning Centre, the school is performing to the Toowoomba community to promote cultural understanding and harmony. Amutha’s work at the Base Hospital has been the impetus for offering opportunities to help raise money for medical needs.




On Saturday, 17th February a golden evening awaits at the Armitage Centre at the Empire Theatre Complex.


This dazzling evening is in support of RACQ LifeFlight Rescue. What a wonderful combination of entertainment and support for this vital organisation. This is definitely an evening not to be missed.

The link for tickets is available below.



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