Born in Sri Lanka, near the southern city of Matara, Ushan recommends his home city’s close proximity to many beautiful beaches and natural parks.  Matara is located about 160 kilometres from the capital  Colombo in Southern Province, and is a major commercial hub which was influenced by Portugese, Dutch and Arabian traders, and still holds those influences in its fort and church attractions today.



Ushan has chosen a career in nursing.  He has found his educational training pathway here in Toowoomba in Regional Queensland.  Coming from his home city’s population of 80,000, Toowoomba’s size and location has felt very comfortable.  Ushan prefers this size of city compared to the larger capitals, so when a couple of friends who had already started studying in Toowoomba described its attractions, he was immediately interested.  Their description of how beautiful the Garden City was drew his attention, and he was pleasantly surprised by its close location to Queensland’s capital of Brisbane.

Choosing a career in nursing, and currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing at UniSQ, Ushan chose a pathway to helping others.  His positive opinions about nurses, from personal experience and general observations, and his passion to help people, made this an easy decision.

Wishing to become immersed in University life and service to his fellow students, Ushan has embraced roles in the UniSQ Residential (Res) College Students’ Club and became one of only 6 Student Ambassadors for Study Toowoomba for the 2023/24 cycle.  This has given him many opportunities to participate in community business events organised by the Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce; attend community cultural events as well as explore the local attractions while sharing the positives of Toowoomba as an international education destination and a quality lifestyle.

During his course, he has had many placements in the health field and has particularly  enjoyed working as a disability support worker.  Being welcomed into these roles has cemented his opinion that people in Toowoomba are very warm and supportive.  When time permits, there are also many local, regional and state-wide natural attractions close at hand to explore.

Ushan is always keen to recommend Toowoomba’s qualities to his friends and family back in Sri Lanka, and to promote the academic opportunities to students considering studying abroad.  His message to those considering study outside Sri Lanka is to put Toowoomba at the top of their list. He  wants to spread the word that it is not necessary to go to a heavily populated city to succeed – you can grow as a person and grow your career in the relaxed lifestyle of beautiful Toowoomba.

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