The Joy of Graduating

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Leaping off the ground; mortar board thrown in the air; the ongoing click of photographs and the aching jaws from the constant smiling equal the release of the slog and stress of academic endeavours and oh the joy is extreme! Graduation Ceremony!


For those graduating from the University of Southern  Queensland, whether it be with a Bachelor’s Degree, a Post-Graduate qualification,  a Master’s Degree or a Doctorate, the relief was tangible last week as those  gowns fluttered in the breeze, and hands were shaken with the executive.  Years of study, commitment and often frustration seemed to vanish in that moment of realisation that this particular journey was over.  Enjoying that moment of release was sweet.

Here in Toowoomba, UniSQ proudly hosts international students from many overseas nations.  The academic successes were seen in the faces of those graduates who have spent additional challenges in overcoming the distance from home and family, in honing the skills needed to listen, and interpreting and understanding the texts and lectures in a language that poses grammatical and colloquial tongue-twisters.  What joy for the families who had managed to travel to share the success.  Often the sacrifices both financially and socially come at a high price.


The Study Toowoomba Student Ambassadors for the past year have taken on added responsibilities.  The UniSQ reps have done a great job in between their academic studies, accommodation support roles, course placements  and advocacy of the benefits of living and studying here in Toowoomba.  Hopefully many more international students will choose to study and perhaps become permanent community members as a result of this worthy program.


Last week also saw many local students graduate.  Cultural diversity is a hallmark of UniSQ, and reflecting the strength of the First Nations representation across all academic fields, and the strength of the academic support, long-serving Toowoomba Regional Councillor, Bill Cahill, celebrated his well-deserved Master of Professional Studies.  His personal journey has, like all the graduates, been supported by fine university staff, and with the unending support of proud family and First Nation mentors.

Congratulations to each and every graduating student!

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