Temporary Graduate visa changes – 1 July 2024 

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As part of the Migration Strategy, released in December 2023, the Australian Government announced a package of reforms to strengthen and simply the Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate) visa (TGV). 

The Government is committed to repositioning the TGV so that it supports early career professionals to develop the relevant work history they will need to progress to a skilled visa or use their education and skills in the global jobs market. 

Applying for a TGV prior to intended changes on 1 July 2024: 

  • applicants must have completed their course prior to lodging their application 
  • applications must be lodged prior to 1 July 2024 
  • applicants must meet the Australian study requirement, including providing evidence from their education provider of the date of course completion, prior to visa decision (this can be provided after the application is lodged) 
  • the ‘date of course completion’ means the date on which the academic requirements for the award of the degree, diploma or trade qualification were met and does not include the formal conferral of the degree, such as through graduation 
  • applicants will need to meet the other eligibility requirements for the stream applied for – further information, see Temporary Graduate visa pages 

Note: any applications lodged on or after 1 July 2024 will be assessed under the new requirements. 

Meeting the Australian study requirement 

 To meet the Australian study requirement, before visa grant, applicants must attach a certified copy of their letter of completion from the education provider that confirms: 

  • the date the course started and ended 
  • whether the applicant did any distance learning 
  • certified copies of course transcripts 
  • the date of course completion 
  • the location of the campus where the applicant studied 
  • whether the applicant studied full-time or part-time 
  • the language in which the applicant received instruction 

If the applicant received credit for a course they intend to use, to show that they have met the conditions of the Australian study requirement, the completion letter must state as such. 

‘Course completion’ 

The date of course completion is defined at Migration Regulations 1994, regulation 1.15F(2). In short, it is the date the applicant first met the academic requirements for the award or degree, diploma or trade qualification and that the student was advised in writing through one of the following methods: 

  • letter 
  • publication in a newspaper 
  • publication on the internet 
  • email 
  • bulletin board at the tertiary institution 

The date of completion should not be confused with the date of conferral of award. The date of conferral is the date that the student (applicant) actually receives their qualification, for example, at a graduation ceremony. 

The completion date of an applicant’s Australian studies is relevant to officers’ assessments because applicants must have completed their qualification in the six months immediately before having applied in Australia for a TGV. 

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