International woman ‘securing’ career dream in tech

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Ezidi Syrian national, Aisha Rash, has been on a journey of resilience, adversity and professional growth, marked by the milestones of her career change across the globe, from telecommunications engineer in Syria to cyber security champion in regional Queensland.

After graduating as a telecommunications engineer in 2015, I dedicated myself to the technology field in Syria, gaining valuable experience until 2018,” Aisha began.

“But, the challenges posed by the war in Syria and subsequent disruptions, led me to pause my career. It wasn’t until 2022 — after a four-year hiatus, and with a renewed sense of purpose, that I arrived in Australia and reignited my passion for technology,” said Aisha.

Inspired by the quality of education offered by TAFE Queensland, and its reputation for excellence, Aisha chose to study the Fee-Free TAFE funded Certificate IV in Cyber Security (22603VIC), while working in administration, opting for a hybrid learning model which provided the flexibility she needed to balance work and education effectively.

Recognising the pivotal role of cyber security in today’s digital landscape, Aisha saw Fee-Free TAFE as an opportunity to return to education and equip herself with the knowledge and practical skills in an in-demand industry, as an extension of her former career.

Aisha completed the one-year qualification full time on campus, which involved two days per week, with one day of face-to-face classes, and one day of online sessions. 

“I chose TAFE Queensland because of its strong reputation for providing practical, industry-relevant training, especially for cyber security, and the flexibility was particularly appealing to me,” said Aisha.

Aisha found the practical exercises, and simulations of real-world cyber security scenarios, particularly engaging and rewarding, which enabled her gain employment half-way into her studies, as a Technology Support Coordinator with FKG Group, a large construction engineering company based in Toowoomba.

“The qualification saw me gain a deeper understanding of cyber security principles in action. Additionally, I appreciated the opportunity to enhance my skills in Linux-based operating systems and Python programming language,” she shared.

Aisha credits the TAFE Queensland teaching staff for their significant impact on her learning journey.

“Their dedication to sharing real-world scenarios and challenges has not only deepened my understanding of cyber security but has also inspired me to persist and excel in this dynamic field,” she explained.

“That’s my advice to everyone for their careers — take advantage of the practical learning opportunities offered by TAFE Queensland, and actively engage with industry professionals and resources,” Aisha affirmed.

As for Aisha’s future: “My plan is to study a masters (degree) in cyber security — advancing my career and gaining further experience and skills. The ever-evolving nature of technology highlights the critical role of cyber security.”

Fee-Free TAFE funding is part of the Queensland Government’s Good People. Good jobs: Queensland Workforce Strategy 2022–2032. It aims to connect, educate and attract the people needed to meet the state’s workforce demand in existing and new industry sectors to support continued economic growth.

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