A leading Anglican girls’ day and boarding school, The Glennie School Toowoomba is large enough to offer a broad curriculum, yet small enough that every girl is treated as an individual.

A long history of academic achievement and dedicated teaching staff, partnered with comprehensive sports and performing arts programs, has made Glennie the school of choice for generations of families.

As students return to the classroom for another school year, a new bar has been set by the graduating class of 2021 at The Glennie School. 

The thing that sets the recent graduates apart, is not their wonderful results — students achieving top of state in three subjects; 24 students achieving an ATAR of 90+; or even the 28% of graduates receiving early university offers — it has been the success which is best gauged by the character of the young women it sends forth into the world. 

That is, a young woman who carries with her the values of integrity, compassion, courage and respect, and whose time at Glennie has given her a greater sense of who she is – kindness to others, strength in times of adversity, adaptability and a higher standard of account. We regard this girl, whether she has achieved her desired results at this stage of her life or not, as a credit to herself, her family and her school community.

The girl who sees equal value in their physical, creative and social pursuits, or the girl who whilst achieving the academic results that many of us find unattainable after years of dedicated study and hard work, sees equal importance in the activities that build her depth of character. 

Whether it be in the classroom, out on the track, or in the concert hall, all girls at The Glennie School are provided the necessary tools and direction to achieve all she can be.