Shades of Toowoomba

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The beauty of Toowoomba lies within the eyes of the beholder. Characterised by beautiful natural surrounding and providing top facilities, this city is one of the topmost places in Queensland in accordance with quality of life. The city is situated in Southern Queensland and is the second largest inland city in Australia and biggest in Queensland. It is just a 1.5-hour drive from Brisbane, 2-hour drive from the Gold Coast and a 3-hour drive from the Sunshine Coast. 

Toowoomba prides itself in being one of the places with best climates in Queensland. The sunrises, sunsets, fog and rain are a treat to the spectator’s eyes. There are vivid seasons, visible throughout the year, ranging from a frosty Winter, blooming Spring, bright Summer to an orange Autumn.

The following pictures best describe Toowoomba during the Autumn months and were clicked at the Japanese Gardens and at the campus of University of Southern Queensland. It beautifully depicts the shades of Toowoomba in Atumn. The variation in the shades look mesmerising all over Toowoomba.

The following pictures show the Jacarandas blooming throughout Toowoomba and mark the arrival of Summer. They surely add to the beauty and are picture- perfect for tourists as well as locals. 

Besides natural views, the city of Toowoomba depicts art wonderfully. Equipped with modern facilities yet close to the culture, the CBD is an excellent place catering to everyone’s needs. The CBD consists of many restaurant chains, that range from fast food and snacks to authentic local cuisine from all over the world. Besides that, it is home to numerous small cafes and bars, that serve to be a paradise to tourists as well as locals. May it be a quick ice-cream break or may it be a complete dinner, Toowoomba CBD has got you all covered. 

The following photos show the food culture of Toowoomba, ranging from fast food burgers, to pastas and mocktails and to authentic Indian meals.

The photos further ahead show the beautiful wall graffiti and paintings in the CBD as well as the beauty of the buildings in the CBD where modernity meets culture and gives a perfect blend of livelihood to the city. The CBD has numerous stores for all needs as well as is a home to numerous businesses and offices hence providing  ample job opportunities in everyone’s desired fields. 

Another best feature about Toowoomba is the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The morning and day sky reflect the blue sky and white clouds as if some artist’s masterpiece. The grass growing out of cracks shows the strong qualities of nature and teaches one determination towards their own set goal. The night skies of Toowoomba look beautiful with white clouds. 



Toowoomba is also known as the Garden City. The annual Carnival of Flowers Festival hosted in the Queen’s Park as well as many other places is a famous festival that consists of displays of thousands of flowers. The Japanese Garden is one of the famous tourist spots in Toowoomba. The scenic views and animal life in Japanese gardens is one of the best views around Toowoomba.

The following photos show the beauty of the flower festival in Toowoomba. The colourful nature and wide variety of the flowers are indeed welcoming for all the tourists and provide an excellent location for picnics.