We are proudly a College of the Presbyterian Church in Queensland, an all-girls’ K – 12 day and boarding school with a co-educational kindergarten that seeks excellence for each and every student.

It’s a school that celebrates its pursuit of excellence in academic, cultural and sporting fields whilst maintaining a clear commitment to active service – giving back at a local and international level.

Importantly, as one of Australia’s largest all girls’ boarding schools for girls from rural and remote areas, our ethos of choosing the hard over the easy, is strengthened by our rural families who know what it means ‘to go the extra mile’ both literally and metaphorically.

We value this mix of boarding and day students and place importance on maintaining this enrolment balance. One measure of a school’s success is the way in which their graduates finish and the hope with which they face their futures.

We welcome your visit to our beautiful campus, and our (extra) ordinary school at any time. Here, you can gain a greater sense of what it means to be a Fairholme girl: burning yet flourishing.