In early October, Study Toowoomba had the privilege of hosting Rhett Miller, the Queensland Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for China. His visit to UniSQ for a Roundtable event was not only informative but also incredibly insightful.

Mr Miller proved to be a very personable guest, and his presentation was packed with valuable information about the current market for International Education and Training (IET) in China. We were fortunate to gain access to a wealth of knowledge that can significantly benefit our member schools, especially those in the boarding sector.

For those who missed the event, we strongly recommend taking the time to peruse the slides from Mr Miller’s presentation. The information he shared is invaluable for anyone interested in expanding their educational outreach to the Chinese market.

Furthermore, we have exciting plans in the pipeline. Member schools will be receiving invitations to participate in future roundtable forums. These events promise to be a fantastic opportunity to delve deeper into the intricacies of the Chinese IET market and to network with like-minded professionals.

Mr Rhett Miller’s visit was a success, and we are eager to continue harnessing the knowledge he shared to empower our member schools. Stay tuned for more enriching opportunities as we explore the vast potential of the Chinese IET market.

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